Recent Buy

I picked up some shares(7) in Materialise (MTLS) in my brokerage account.

They have been working with Sigma Labs Inc. (SGLB) who recently picked up a new EOS printer to festoon with all of their PR3D IPQA etc. systems to showcase what they can offer clients.

I also added some to my Roth IRA, I bought stock(10) in Preferred Apartment Communities, Inc. (APTS) a nice apartment units etc. REIT.

Look out for that snake!

When you plan for your future it can be too easy to lose sight of the circumstances surrounding your immediate present situation. Mind the grass at your feet, you don’t want to get bit by the snake at your feet when you are looking through your future forecasting binoculars.


Plan for what you need to save for right now, with your next paycheck. You will always have goals and desires, things that crop up to take your hard-earned money each week, each month, each year. Develop the discipline to save each and every time you get paid. Human desire is string, you can too easily be swayed by a new object of consumer lust(“Oh, shiny new toy!”), set aside your investment capital first. There is always going to be a new toy you want.


If you want to stop this though, you can change what you consider a “toy”. Giving in to temptation can allow for the greed monster to get inside your house, or the jealousy dragon could also be knocking at your door. Close your blinds, the Joneses may have a new and best and latest everything, but that is ok. Spend time with them, enjoy their success but not their bills.


Have the right frame of mind with yourself and your life. Build for what it is that YOU want to do and plan for. Then set up the steps and goals to achieve this. Make actionable achievements to attain measurable and consistent rewards that you can readily see every day.

Hang up a chart, or picture that you will see in a prominent place where ever you spend a majority of your time. It will motivate you when you are feeling lax in your discipline and the latest item is beckoning to you from the ads on tv.

Pass the baton to your future self. Run the race of life, leading to wealth.

“Having a great intellect is like waving a big sparkly baton about in the air. It is all a big display of flash until you crash it down atop the head of ignorance.”



The appeal of intelligence is about what you can accomplish, not that you have it.


Go for the gold!


The finish line is there for all to reach.



With all the major decision you have to make throughout each day and life, you must pause to consider choices, the options, the costs, and rewards that they can each entail.

When I buy stocks, I am not just clicking BUY to get another grouping of letters like a fresh set of tiles in a Scrabble game.

No, these ticker symbols represent real companies; and these companies are complex entities that require diligent study and analysis. Take the time to come to well-reasoned decisions before investing in speculative equities.


For most people in life, money is always a function of the time + labor that you provide.

But you can change this.

If you start buying shares in Visa (V) then you will start taking small steps towards owning shares in one of the world’s most profitable companies, and receive dividends that are a results of millions upon millions of financial transactions every day!


In the last three months, I have managed to invest about $26 a day of my individual earnings, and in March, I managed to lower my expenses to the point that I was able to invest almost 39% of my after tax take home pay. So, since I work at least ten hours a day, that is about 2.5 hours of labor that I provide, that I then am able to capitalize towards my financial future.


Establishing wealth is a daily process. Cultivate it continuously and you will reap the rewards of your harvest for the rest of your life.


The essence of life is growth. Do the best that you can, earn the most, be the most.  How tall can a tree grow? Do not be constrained by self-set limitations.


You cannot control how tall you become. But you can continue to grow your mind. Become all that you can, earn as much as you can, save as much, reach for the maximum you can do in all things.


Go forth with an attitude of things in life being easy. Fuel your ambitions, your desires, your achievements. reinforce your positive decisions.


Always look for the next spot to plant your seeds. Do not despair when you can’t see the growth immediately, the fruit will come.


Photo Credit: By hin255