Planting financial seedlings.

Long term wealth creation can best be established for many young investors by buying and maintaining, and stewarding financial “seedlings”.


For a young person with decades to go before retirement, it is easier to buy and grow seedlings and saplings than to try to accumulate the redwoods of the world of assets and stocks for investing purposes.


Of course, the best approach may be one that encompasses all of the aforementioned company stratas.


There will always be risk with making investment decisions. If you let yourself get stuck worrying about what may go wrong however, you can find yourself standing in doubt in ere of action. Invest with companies that provide a durable good or service to their particular niche.


By changing your habits about how you spend your money you can better allocate capital towards long term plans, and wealth creation. It is far easier to save $1 than it is to earn $1, you can only work so much or receive money for a service or utility you provide, but for every dollar you elect not to spend will be one to better serve you towards your financial goals.


People live in an ocean of choices in how to spend their money. They row about the hedonistic Sea of Consumption try to get to the tranquil Retirement Bay, but may find themselves capsized by their own forlorn desires. Debt can be seen as drilling holes in the hull of the boat that need to then be bailed out endlessly lest the boat sink. We must take care, lest borne away by a torrent of passion we make shipwreck of conscience.


Plans are there to help us make decisions amidst uncertainty, have a financial compass to guide us through the storms, past the rocks and sandbars. Do not sacrifice your Captain of diligence for the First Mate of fun.

Keep the stuff, watch a movie for free.

How we spend our time and money says a lot about who we are.


Many can get caught up in the frantic and frenetic pursuit of more STUFF. Like the classic scene in The Jerk, you always need just one more thing.


I’ve said it before you need to start looking at why you do the things that you do in life. What is your purpose?


Who are you buying those shoes for? I am not saying you need to live like a monk, but you should have a purpose towards most expenses. Even if it is a $2 candy bar because you want some chocolate, just admit its intent. Plan for it, and move on.


Life is meant to be lived, but to be free you need a means for many things in this day and age. Investing is a way to that door that leads towards financial freedom and total economic independence.


The example I linked before is one that I love to bring up with other people. Almost everyone I know has a Netflix subscription.

All of them would love to get it for free!


Wouldn’t you?



When you look at assets as replacement income for current expenses, it is a great way to motivate people to save and invest.


Prospect Capital (PSEC) it is currently around $10.8 a share and pays a monthly dividend of $0.11.
As long as you hold even 75 shares, which would cost you a little more than $810, it will pay you $8.25 a month.


That is covering the cost of all of my friends and families Netflix subscriptions, and will continue to do so. Many of them will routinely buy clothes and shoes, accessories and things that can quickly add up to more than $810 a month.


Make a change today to lead towards a better tomorrow.

The tide of investments, ebb and flow, the water of wealth.

No one can get too caught up in the daily fluctuations of stocks within their portfolios.

Keep a clear head when you examine your holdings and look to evaluate positions only when there is a strong underlying cause for concern.

I make my purchases to hold for life(fingers crossed). You need to maintain control and discipline to reign in the emotional chaos that may lead you astray.

Having only been investing with a serious amount(for me) since around July, I am near nine month mark. Fitting to take a more complete evaluation come next July since it also is when my birthday falls(July 20th)

I have hit the first milestone I set for me again, after falling out of a harsh lesson in a speculative purchase earlier around October, I have now crossed an account balance of $5,000 again. Every contribution I make should help go towards moving this slowly but surely one step at a time.

Upcoming Buys

Will add FIG and JNS next to my brokerage account with Sharebuilder.

Still getting more Coca-Cola(KO) through Loyal3. I Will add  $50 a month to get at least one whole share, while I still can get it for under $50. I bet that in five years I will say the same for its price at $60-75!

Also, may pick up some DNA Energy Drinks Inc. (DNAX) for a very long-term bet.

It may seem like a very risky play, and it is, but I have fun with investing too, and treat a small portion of my funds as a form of entertainment. I don’t have many expenses a month aside from bills and food.

If I take it to heart the quote from Rudyard Kipling:


If you can make one heap of all your winnings
And risk it on one turn of pitch-and-toss,
And lose, and start again at your beginnings
And never breathe a word about your loss    …”

Then I have the opportunity to invest within companies that could pay off tremendously over time. I can build a sort of financial graveyard of stocks. Since I intend to hold at least 10% of every investment I make, so that I will always have some income coming in from every company that pays a dividend(or similar, cash/stock) for life.