Look out for that snake!

When you plan for your future it can be too easy to lose sight of the circumstances surrounding your immediate present situation. Mind the grass at your feet, you don’t want to get bit by the snake at your feet when you are looking through your future forecasting binoculars.


Plan for what you need to save for right now, with your next paycheck. You will always have goals and desires, things that crop up to take your hard-earned money each week, each month, each year. Develop the discipline to save each and every time you get paid. Human desire is string, you can too easily be swayed by a new object of consumer lust(“Oh, shiny new toy!”), set aside your investment capital first. There is always going to be a new toy you want.


If you want to stop this though, you can change what you consider a “toy”. Giving in to temptation can allow for the greed monster to get inside your house, or the jealousy dragon could also be knocking at your door. Close your blinds, the Joneses may have a new and best and latest everything, but that is ok. Spend time with them, enjoy their success but not their bills.


Have the right frame of mind with yourself and your life. Build for what it is that YOU want to do and plan for. Then set up the steps and goals to achieve this. Make actionable achievements to attain measurable and consistent rewards that you can readily see every day.

Hang up a chart, or picture that you will see in a prominent place where ever you spend a majority of your time. It will motivate you when you are feeling lax in your discipline and the latest item is beckoning to you from the ads on tv.

One thought on “Look out for that snake!

  1. I actually like making Pinterest boards to collect my goals. I have a collection of stupid stuff I’d buy, but then much cooler things, like places I want to see or stuff I want to do. The funny thing is, in a way, hoarding the “stuff” on a Pinterest board is kind of enough for me. The places and things to do though, they actually motivate me to save.

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