Upcoming portfolio update

I have been needing to update and improve the layout of my portfolio.

It is now closer to $6,000 and should reflect the changes I have been making these last few months.


The biggest shift is my increasing stake in Sigma Labs (SGLB) since I now have a little over 20,000 shares at an average price of .18, I hope to be able to add some more while it is currently trading for .11-.13 per share. So, I am currently down about $1k in the stock, so if it were back up to at least that I would have around $7,000 in stocks.


I realize this is a very risky position, and it strongly goes against my general style of dividend/income stocks. I have done a lot of research and due diligence and I see a lot of potential, if you can have patience, and I could see this money go up in smoke and just move along to the next venture. I have plans to hold at least 15% FOREVER, whatever the outcome may be.

One thought on “Upcoming portfolio update

  1. Wow a penny stock. You really don’t read much about those in the PF blogs or dividend blogs and for good reason. I wish you success with SGLB but for my money I wouldn’t touch it. Thanks for sharing.

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